The movie

We choose to construct our first film, Shattering Shadow, in hopes of surpassing the borders of perceived intimacy.

With this film, fiction provides us the liberty to depict the story of a life, fractured by exile. The film doesn’t seek to show the number, the extent or the gravity of displaced persons, but rather to trace the silent journey of an individual; to deconstruct the life and experiences of a man in exile.

The silence that we talk about, we encountered it in africa and it appeared to us important to that silence resonates throughout the film because we believe it will irrigate this journey.

Shattering Shadow: A man’s life, from childhood to the old age, at the cross road of perceptions, on the path of exile.


Adisu, a young fisherman, fleeing his home after his village is massacred.

On a journey to rediscover his identity, the young man lose himself in the geological wonder of his native country.

The film picks up forty years later in a port town in northern Europe.

An aged taxi driver, Adisu revisits sentiments each passing night, in search of a memory of a love lost.

Director’s biography

Alain-Pascal Housiaux and Patrick Dechesne develop a path as artistics directors over the last twenty years within heur-films cie.

Their works were recognised by the international films festivals industry in 2010.

Hong kong and Tapei offered them the highest awards for their work done in Tsai ming-liang’s film «VISAGE ».

The artists dreamt and built the scenery, thereby helping to determine the capture the look of the movie in which they were involved.

Art Directors on the Ethiopian Hailé Gerima’s film « TEzA ». The collaboration with the inhabitants gave birth to and determinated a new line for creation. During the shooting, the script of Shattering Shadow hatched.

They directed their first film which took place in Ethiopia and in Europa in 2013.


Taxi driver – Joseph Farroul
Adisu (20 year) – Abebe Ephrem Walle
The parking’s girl – Sara de Roo
The young woman – Elilte Tareken
The operator – Philippe Jeusette
The desert’s woman – Tsega Yitbarek
The grandfather – Aba Birhanu Sahlen
The young Adisu – Fitsum Alemnew
The young Théo – Sofiane Henry
The Afar sheperd – Alli Mohamed
The first soldier – Asmamaw Alene
The second soldier – Habtamu Negatu
The third soldier – Mandefro jemer
The birds hunter – Melkamu Takele
Théo’s friend – Lucas Guerrero-Caballero
The water worker – Flavio Capetola
The second water worker – Jean-Baptiste Frenoy
The trainee mechanic – Byron Valet
The brewer – Stephane Hauteclair
The neighbour – Anna Magari


Writters & directors – Patrick Dechesne & Alain-Pascal Housiaux
Directors of photography – Frédéric Noirhomme, avec la participation d’Hélène Louvart
Editor – Marie-Hélène Dozo
Sound and sound design – Nico Bunnik
Mixaging – Thomas Gauder
Music advisor – David Mennessier
Assistant camera – Nicolas Arnould
Production manager – Meseret Argaw & Jean-Pierre Garrabos
Set decoration – Sophie Dubuisson
Wardrobe – Marie-Paule Brauers
Make up – Garance Vanrossum
Gaffer – Jennifer Ninane & David Rouxhet
Location Manager- Mandefro Bantirgu & Flavio Capetola
Set photographer – Danièle Pierre & Getachew Dechesne
Press coordinator – Anne Kennes & Gudrun Burie
Graphic artiste – Amandine Grafé
Producers Tarantula BE – Joseph Rouschop & Valérie Bournonville
Producers Heimatfilm – Johannes Rexin & Bettina Brokemper
Producers Heur-film – Patrick Dechesne & Alain-Pascal Housiaux
Producers Birabiro Films – Daniel Taye Workou & Meseret Argaw


Tarantula / / +32 4 225 90 79
Heimatfilm / / +49 221 977799-0
Heur films / / +32 2 256 92 86

Anne Kennes / / +32 486 24 34 00
Gudrun Burie / / +32 498 10 10 01

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